In 1961 Alfonso Zanetti began working for a company that manufactured door and window frames in aluminium and steel.
In 1971, having become manager of the installation teams, he decided to start his own business. He purchased the first extruded aluminium profiles available on the market and began manufacturing windows in a small workshop.
By the end of 1970s ZANETTI was among the few manufacturers in Italy to use profiles and accessories made exclusively in Germany. Furthermore, the Company developed a profile system specifically for armoured windows and doors as used in banks.
In the mid of 1980s ZANETTI began manufacturing curtain walls: among other projects, it completed installations of these for the two most important Coca-Cola plants in Italy. During the following decade the Company was offering materials and solutions with more advanced technology than competitors.
At the beginning of the 21st Century, thanks to its innovative spirit and the experience gained on many projects, ZANETTI started to develop its own systems for facades, cladding and windows. Simplicity of installation, excellence of performance, and elegant and modern design are the basis of ZANETTI solutions.
Nowadays ZANETTI works successfully customising materials and solutions according to project requirements in Italy and abroad.

Zanetti s.r.l.