What reasons for windows maintenance?!

The more frequent behaviours

  • Let the windows open during the day
  • Strain the opening and closure of blocked windows
  • Use unstable handles or other accessories
  • Fix themselves door closers or other accessories
  • Ignore presence of cracks in the glass
  • Ignore small water infiltrations
  • Let inside frames unclean
  • Let the gaskets get dried

The usual consequences

  • Window impact against wall causing damages to accessories, profiles and glazing
  • Complete window block
  • Detachment of handle or unstable accessories
  • Loosing functionality with future damages
  • Complete glass breakage
  • Increasing water infiltrations
  • Loosing windows insulation over time
  • Decrease of stability and security


Number of annual
urgent request
(1 service every
3 working days)


Necessary days
to perform unplanned
Zanetti srl maintenance graph

Maintenance service
our values

Maintenance by someone who knows the window

We have designed it, manufactured it and installed it

Each product has its own story with unique characteristics compare to anyone else. Without such information, the maintenance service is not properly executed.

We take care of our windows

We feel your windows still ours

The execution of facades, cladding or windows makes us proud. For this reason, we would like to be responsible for the maintenance of your windows.

Accessories availability even after 30 years

Original spare parts delivered in few days

In our warehouse we have the same handle, hinges and gaskets as 30 years ago. From 1994 every single window has been codified with full detailed information. We know immediately what problem might have or what accessory might need.

Maintenance service program

Signing a maintenance service program improves the use of your windows, eliminating uncertainties and providing accuracy.

  • Costs
  • Zero waiting time
  • Warranty
Zanetti srl maintenance service