ZA 52 SG

Structural glazing facade

ZA 52 system is a solution where "ONLY GLASS" surfaces are required. The reduced gap between glass panes (12 mm) and the alignment of the glass edge with the structural network produces a clean and modern design.
The smooth glass surface also means reduced maintenance costs: the smooth and continuous surface facilitates the flow of water; dirt, dust and pollution cannot gather on external aluminium profiles, and they are quickly washed away by rain and piped water. The facade is self-cleaning then.
Beauty, however, shall not compromise performance. ZA 52 system is the state of the art in terms of efficiency and flexibility and it is adaptable to the specific requirements of a project with bespoke solutions. Its window openings are characterized by double central gaskets that guarantee excellent resistance against noise, wind, and water infiltration. Efficiency is the other key value of ZA 52 facade. Each component is optimised to simplify each step of the process: from design to production, from installation to maintenance.

Air insulation AE
Wind pressure 1200 Pa
Water insulation RE1200
Acoustic insulation Rw 47-50 dB
Profile section 52 mm
Gap between glasses 12 mm
Profile depth Variabile
Profile shape Variabile
Glass thickness 6-60 mm

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