ZA 52 PC

Stick curtain wall

ZA 52 PC system has been constantly revised and improved during several years of use. The structure is made by aluminium mullions and transoms which are fixed together in a crossing sequence. The term "stick" refers to the factory-cut mullions and transoms which are transported to site as loose bars or sticks. The crossing-section is 52 mm and the profile depth starts from 40 mm and reach up to 450 mm with customised profile shape. The insulated glass units or spandrels panels are held in place by the externally applied pressure plates which are fixed with self-tapping screws at 200 mm to 300 mm intervals and finished off by the external cover cappings, which are snapped into place by hand/soft mallet. System versatility enables to insert  various opening types: tilt&turn, outward, sliding or parallel. The most common integration is with ZA 77 system.

Air insulation AE
Wind pressure 2000 Pa
Water insulation RE1800
Thermal insulation 0,8 ≤ Uf ≤ 1,4 W/mqK
Acoustic insulation Rw 47-50 dB
Glass weight up to 1100 kg

Data sheet


Profile section 52 mm
Profile depth 40-450 mm
Profile shape Rectangular or customised
Glass thickness 4-70 mm
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