Zanetti Facades

Tradition of quality and design

Founded in 1972 Zanetti develops solutions for glass facades, cladding and aluminium windows. Know-how, experience and good management enable the company to work with international consultant offices on challenging projects worldwide.

By having a 360° vision on every single supply, we assist our Clients in all the different phases of the project: from engineering to installation. To Zanetti every detail is important. After 50 years of experience in the field of facades, we can claim we have already solved problems that others have yet to face.


Beyond 45 years

Giving value to our precious experience, we offer you a Company that is trustworthy and professional in all aspects of the business. We have already solved the problems that others have yet to face.

Not just profiles!

The use of aluminium or glass is only a solution to functional, aesthetic, and performance requirements. But we do not limit our use of materials: our goal is not to sell extruded profiles and accessories but to propose the most suitable solution in every situation.

A single partner

All our systems are designed in-house, taking account of all aspects of our products, from production to installation on site. Be aware of those that propose facade installations without site experience. One partner means simplifying responsibility.

Stands out from the crowd

To enhance a project means to pay attention to those details that make it unique. Since the very beginning, our facades have been conceived to be customised according to the aesthetic preferences of the architect or the constructive requirements of the client.

Time is precious, even for us.

Unlike those who only produce the systems, we have developed our extruded profiles in order to simplify the installation of our products, therefore reducing delivery times. Our experience and direct control over the production guarantees punctuality in all deliveries.

Passion for our work

You will see it in the eyes of our team. For us, to finish a facade or a cladding work is something that fills us with pride, that stimulates new ideas, that pushes us to continuously improve. After 45 years in the field, the enthusiasm of the Zanetti family and its staff continues to shine. This is a treasure that we make available to you.

Always with you

We have created an internal organisation which is dedicated exclusively to after-sales maintenance, with the goal of keeping your projects at full efficiency. We will always be available.

There are no secrets

Come and visit our offices and speak to our technical staff. They will be delighted to answer all your queries and to organise on-site visits so that you can appreciate the integrity of our work and the dedication of our staff. You can also request information and references about our Company.

Direct contact

We have organised our entire method of work so as to minimise our operations and the people that you have to deal with: nevertheless our staff can be contacted directly at any time. The flexibility of our business structure allows us to resolve problems in a quick and precise manner. This is, of course, of benefit to us, but it is even more so to you and your projects!

Ask us anything!

We have here presented only a part of what we can offer you. Please consult our catalogue or visit our website for further information. Call us and we will only be too happy to organise a meeting to present all our products to you and discuss your requirements in detail. That’s our job.

Design and Innovation

3D-Modelling and rapid prototyping in the study of new facades.

Every project is the result of team work and the use of the most advanced innovative instruments. Our production model integrates parametric engineering and design thinking approach.

We constantly develop advanced solutions, new profiles, new systems thanks to 3D modelling technologies and rapid prototyping before the extrusion of profiles and laboratory tests. We currently have 11 certified systems based on 210 different dies, designed and owned by Zanetti.

Thanks to our know-how we are capable to develop, certify and offer a new facade system within 8 weeks.

Production and Installation

M.E.S. Innovation 4.0

Significant investments in automatic machines, as well as in M.E.S. , enable our company to manage the entire production process efficiently.

In real time every manufacturing step can be traced, analysed and modified to respect delivery time. Each single component under production or installation is identified, tracked and subjected to severe quality controls in accordance to project requirements.

Our suppliers represent a key element for our value chain; they are perfectly integrated in our organisation creating a system that completely support Clients.


Sustainable development and circular economy

In the past few years Zanetti has adopted an organisational model focused on the achievement of product sustainability. Our technology and innovation are driven by energy saving and performance improvement in order to extend the product life circle and reducing maintenance costs as well.

Thanks to accurate selection and recycling processes today 50% of the aluminium included in our profiles comes from post-consumer recycled material. By 2022 we aim at reaching a percentage of 85% of recycled aluminium in our facades.

International Markets

We are currently working in Libya, Algeria, Nigeria, Iran and UAE.

Certifications: higher quality standards

Quality system

ISO 9001

SOA certification

Cat. OS6 class. V
Cat. OS18A class. IIIbis
Cat. OS18B class. VI
Contracts up to € 10.329.000

CE EN 14351-1 Mark

Exit door production certificate

Welding certificate

EXC2 Class


Unione Nazionale delle Industrie
delle Costruzioni Metalliche
dell’Involucro e dei serramenti

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