An amazing laboratory performance result for STIVALA TOWER project in Malta obtained by our glassfacades 5000×3500 mm with insert of lift&slide door 3250×2550 mm. Windpressure resistance up to incredible value of +/- 6600Pa (EN 13116) meaning a capacity to resist a wind speed of 374 km/h without any deformation and loss in functionality.

Airpermeability AE750 (EN 12152) and waterinsulation E750 (EN 12154) complete a performance package that bring Zanetti Srl to the state-of-art in term of air/water/wind insulation for skyscrapers.

Now let’s start installation and ready for next challenge!
Many thanks to Michael Stivala for the great opportunity and to Necdet Bahadır Buluk for the fruitful collaboration.